About Home Church

Welcome to Shawnee Home Church, also known by our church family as Shawnee Ekklesia. We are a group of believers who felt the Lord call them to go back to the way He set up the church as recorded in the book of Acts and Epistles, a model that MULTIPLIES easily.

While we strongly believe that this model is the best way, we also see the value in what God in His Sovereignty is doing through institutional churches. It stands to reason that Christ set up His church in a way that was very intentional both for function and efficiency but it also stands to reason that God can and does use both home church and institutional church.There are a ton of websites who do a lot better job of explaining home church, so feel free to browse the links page for research and resources.

What Shawnee Home Church is NOT:

A small group Bible study.

A "cell group" missionary arm attached to an institutional church.

An "us four and no more" Christian club where we sit around and do nothing but talk and never grow.

A cult or a sect (although I'm sure there are some out there).

What Shawnee Home Church IS:

A gathering of people who follow Christ and share fellowship in worship, in studying Scriptures, in prayer and in serving each other and the local community.

Home churches are patterned directly after the New Testament model that Christ established through the apostles. While many meet in homes, others meet in coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and open areas. We respect, value and facilitate the expression of the five fold ministry gifts in Ephesians 4:11-13.

The meetings are open and participatory, providing the opportunity for questions and comments that can also prevent error and false teaching, for the "full counsel of God's Word." Where one person may be too focused on one thing, another provides a scriptural reference to bring the teaching into balance. All ministry gifts are free to operate and a harmony erupts in Biblical interpretation and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit.(1Cor. 14:26)

The vision for the Church (home or institutional) is simply what Christ said it should be: go and preach the Gospel, make disciples of all men. Very simply our mission is to live the Gospel of Christ everywhere we go and compel the lost to follow Jesus.

What are the meetings like?

We open the meeting with a prayer and a meal. Everyone brings what they can and shares what they have. Next we minister to the young children in our church and neighborhood. Children are encouraged to speak up, ask to sing songs they want to sing, offer prayers and answer questions about the lesson. Any children whose parents are not present for the meeting leave after their ministry time. Other children can stay with the parents or are allowed to play quietly.

Next we worship. Sometimes this is brief, sometimes it lasts as long as thirty minutes or more. Spontaneity is encouraged, spiritual songs from the heart (made up in their own words), hymns, contemporary songs, prophecy, tongues and interpretation and exhortations.

When worship has ceased, one couple is responsible to facilitate the reading and discussion of Scripture. Some just read scripture and open it up for discussion while others who have a teaching gift may go into an in depth presentation of God's Word. A prophet may teach from the Word or feel led to pray for certain people and prophesy over them. We let God move in His way through the gifts that He's given to each of us.

We close in prayer, joining hands in a big circle.

We are also open to mowing an elderly neighbor's yard or spending a work day at a single mom's house or delivering meals in the community or in general providing for the poor. Being the church is far more than devotional and worship time together.

In a nutshell, we have pluralistic leadership (rather than "pastor led," it's elder facilitated) with the mindset that Christ is literally the head of His church. We are structured but flexible with the Word of God as our absolute authority, expressed worship in song and deeds.

Be sure to check out the websites on the links page for scriptures that show you for yourself what the early church meetings were like.

Thanks for stopping by.