Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's amazing to watch God work when you think He's not up to very much at all. We are a small house church. I've often wondered why we rarely have more than three families in a our meetings at a time when we have this large home and all this furniture.

If we'd gotten our way, we would be living in a humble home in the country. God kept us here and gave us a large home in the middle of town and we love it.

The first family the Lord sent us was a single parent family who had been dragged through abuse and trauma. We hardly knew what to do when she got saved! For six months we worked to help her find a job, get on her feet, work out issues with her kids and then suddenly she moved back to her husband to work on a restored marriage. I heard from her recently and they are still in church, and though she admits life isn't perfect, it hasn't been the same since she came to Christ and realized just how much He loves her and her family.

The next family the Lord sent us had been through broken relationships, so fractured and painful that they were truly forced to move. It was hard to see them go because we'd really become much closer to them now that they were meeting with us (we've known them for years) but we knew God had spoken to them and they were trusting Him. They are now happily settled in a wonderful home, a good job, and great community. We visited them last Sunday and will be introducing them to house church communities in their local area soon.

Through that transition of these two families, we have had down times. We even went for a few weeks without meeting at all. Our AC wasn't working properly (a big deal in hot Oklahoma let me assure you). Then we had to deal with fleas (who can subject friends to those infernal blood suckers?). There were times last summer I wondered if we had failed but through it all, we were learning.

We've learned that house church is so simple you think you're not doing it right because it looks nothing like institutional church!

We've learned to teach people to hear God's voice for themselves rather than hear the voice of God for them, that showing love is demonstrating His love, and that just because you don't meet for a couple weeks doesn't mean God isn't working in your fellowship of believers.

House church is just living your life in Christ and through Christ together. After we eat our meals, we pray to open the meeting. Sometimes we sing. Sometimes we don't. Someone pops up a Scripture or makes a declaration, asks a question, confesses a personal fault or injury or presents a personal crisis. But always..our discussions come back to the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Everyone leaves with something, even if you shared a lot of personal testimonies. Sometimes we sing and have those moments when you can almost touch Him. It's really different every we learned not to plan too much. He's running the show. Not us.

Two weeks ago Sunday we had a visitor who is interested in starting a house church and it was a great time of sharing like mindedness regarding church. It revived our own excitement about this expression of Christianity we feel called to live out.

We're doing well. God's growing us, changing us, and God help us in spite of us...He's bringing fruit out of it too in others!

Thanks for reading!