Monday, November 12, 2012

Head of His Church

One of the things we've had to "un"learn is the "order of service." It's been so helpful to visit other house churches and more recently the Okc church two weeks ago. We noticed how patient the saints were during worship. They would wait, almost painfully, for the Lord to direct the next song or exhortation or scripture reading.

So we tried it last night. We told everyone to have an attitude of reverence and let a "pause" sustain itself after each song. Scriptures were read, prayers were prayed and all in between three songs. We just "knew" when it was time to transition to the next part of the meeting.

An elder began talking about the seven churches, how it relates to us today. Another brother spoke up about forgiveness and he was able to receive the wealth of scripture and "been there" wisdom from another couple. Hate was being turned to compassion. Pride to humility. This brother was almost embarrassed to share such personal things but the truth church is like that.

As one person humbles themselves and seeks to draw from the treasure of scripture and gifts of the Holy Spirit in the rest of the group, that vulnerability spreads to everyone else. Pretty soon everyone else starts to share "what happened to me" and "how God brought me through" until the "inheritance that is in the saints" begins to be passed around the room. It can get as personal as people want it a small setting it's very doable. In a huge gathering of more than 50 people, it's just plain too scary!

I think about the meeting last night and realize that I had no idea the meeting would take the turn it did but obviously the Lord led our discussion and ministered to us and through us for the edification of everyone present. That's how it should be, right?

And here I was stressed out because I hadn't prepared "a word" myself. Yet, I'm realizing more and more, the goal is to prepare our hearts and be intentional about meeting ...without the agenda to control or "program" the meeting at all. The Lord truly is head of His church and He never fails to tap into the things He's put in us that week, last month or even thirty years ago. We just follow His lead.

Due to marked interest, we're getting read to do a study on eschatology every third Friday night. If you're interested, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for learning with us and for your prayers and support.
Shawnee Home Church