Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yep. We're headed to the classroom..well sort of. Next month we will visit the house church in Elgin, Illinois that our friends Rusty and Sarah Wimberly had a hand in planting. We will also take advantage of a workshop in Chicago for those interested in planting house churches and missional communities. I don't even know what a missional community is...but I'm gonna find out!

It's meant to be a dynamic experience that includes break out sessions, examination of God's Word, and prayer for those entering their own unique aspects of ministry. This isn't a platform for people who are trying to establish their own world wide ministry, collect money and accolades. They want to equip others to spread the Gospel, no matter what setting that might be. House or building.

We're so excited we can hardly contain ourselves! Not only are we going to get the opportunity to talk to others on this front of what God's doing but we'll have a chance to attend a house church meeting that's been well established. PLUS a nice long, twelve hour drive without any kids interrupting the conversation. Meaningful discussion. Silence. Can't wait. You have no idea how few those opportunities are for this busy couple...

In June we're also planning to host a forum at the local library for those in the community who feel that house church is something God might have in their future. We plan to very simply bring scriptures and information that demonstrates how and why house church works and the importance of knowing and DOING God's will...whatever that may be. Questions will be ask and hopefully answered by those we gather with each week. Look for the ad in the newspaper or on facebook. We'll see what happens as we pray for God to stir up and encourage those who feel called to start house churches in the community.

We may even get really creative and take video (don't put it past me to record the sessions!)