Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome to Shawnee Home Church, also known by our church family as Shawnee Ekklesia. We are a group of believers who felt the Lord call them to go back to the way He set up the church as recorded in the book of Acts and Epistles.

While we strongly believe that this model is the best way, we also see the value in what God in His Sovereignty is doing through institutional churches. There are two lines of thought in the home church movement. One is that home church is the only way and the other view is that home church is an excellent way of advancing the Kingdom of Christ. We are in the latter category. It stands to reason that Christ set up His church in a way that was very intentional both for function and efficiency but it also stands to reason that God can and does use both home church and institutional church.

Home church is designed to MULTIPLY. Our goal is to see home churches cropping up all over our community so that neighborhood by neighborhood will reach this city for the glory of Jesus Christ.

There are a ton of websites who do a lot better job of explaining home church, so feel free to browse the links page for research and resources. Check out the About page here for more about what we do.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless you as you serve Him with all your heart!
Shawnee Ekklesia